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When I heard at the pre wedding meeting that Shinder and Kiran will hold a Maiya Ceremonies at their houses before the wedding I got really excited. Following many asian wedding photography blogs and while researching Sikh Wedding traditions on line I have seen many wonderful photos from this ceremony. I got really keen on photographing it.

The Maiyan ceremony has to be conducted at the morning, before midday as the tradition indicates. It involves rangoli –  design made of colourful powder, flour and rice that its placed in front of the bride or groom. A tray carrying a vatna – yellow paste made o turmeric flour and mustard oil , fatti – rectangular piece of wood that is placed under the bride or grooms feet, gaaney – auspicious red thread that is tided around the wrist and dupatta – red scarf that is held above their heads and few grass strands that are used to apply few mustard oil drops onto a groom or brides head. The biggest part of the ceremony is the rubbing of the vatna onto the bodies of the future spouses. The fun begins when the vatna is used without moderation and applied in a less traditional places than hands , feet and face. The other significant part is an attempt to feed bride or groom some sweet rice by their mothers while family members slap mothers hands. After that rangoli is cleard by mum with her hand and than 3 hand print are left on the house wall to indicate that there is a wedding in the house.

I was not disappointed with Maiyan celebration in Gurshinders house. It were as cheerful as I have read about beforehand and as colourful as I have seen before on the photos.

Documenting the Sikh Maiyan Ceremony Indian London Wedding Photographer complemented perfectly my storytelling of their Sikh Wedding Photography. I cant wait to edit and present you the rest of their wedding celebrations.

Here is the link to the blog post form Gurshinder and Kiran sikh Religious Ceremony at Southall Gurdwara – click here.

And here is the link to Gurshinder and Kiran evening reception at Lancaster Hotel London – click here.

Maya-ceremony-sikh-wedding-photography_0001 Maya-ceremony-sikh-wedding-photography_0002 Maya-ceremony-sikh-wedding-photography_0003 Sikh Maiyan Ceremony Indian London Wedding Photographer Sikh Maiyan Ceremony Indian London Wedding Photographer Sikh Maiyan Ceremony Indian London Wedding Photographer Sikh Maiyan Ceremony Indian London Wedding Photographer Maya-ceremony-sikh-wedding-photography_0008

Sikh Maiyan Ceremony Indian London Wedding Photographer

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    So romantic pictures captured in a pretty way. pictures taken from different angles are making a great impact. Every picture is very beautifull

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