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About me

“Love your job and you wont have to work another day” said Confucius once. So it looks like I don’t have to work any more.

Hi, my name is Slawa – not Salwa as many think :)))

I am a Female London and International Wedding Photographer –  London, Surrey, UK, Destination.

 I love taking photos, I love weddings & I love my job.  My approach to the weddings is unobtrusive and documentary. I try to stay invisible but this can be hard at times as I am 6ft tall.  Apart from documentary type of shots , you can also expect from me shots of details and some artistic portraiture. I am camera shy and  super awkward in front of it so I feel some couples pain and what they might be going though during couple wedding photo session. So I am happy to direct or distract you guys to get the relaxed and loving photos you will cherish forever. I am happy to give some guidance if needed and share my vast experience in a London and International Wedding Industry.

I have been shooting weddings for over 6 years. I documented the happy day for couples from England, Sweden, Poland, Caribbean, India, China, Nigeria, Arabic Peninsula I have been a Female Wedding Photographer London UK Destination at Asian Weddings – Sikh Punjabi Weddings. Indian Hindu Weddings. Tamil Weddings. Muslim Weddings. I have worked on a Destination Weddings and Engagements in Oman, Italy, Germany.I have shot in churches, temples, mosques, registry offices, hotels and banqueting halls. Yet, I love nothing more than a surprise of what is hidden behind a next wedding.

I studied photography in Central St Martins College of Art and Design some time ago. Actually it was so long ego that we worked on films not digital files ;-)) My first camera was Russian Zenith and my first photos from it were far from perfection. Its been a long and bumpy ride for me to get where I am now but I would not change it for a world. To be a wedding photographer is a dream come true !!!

xoxo Slawa

Ps. I think clients also like to know things like :

I am a cat lady. For some reason cats and old people make me cry.

I am obsessed with all sort of teas and herbal infusions. My desk is always full of mugs and tea pots.

I spend all my hard earn money on traveling. So don’t be surprised if you call me and I will be on the other side of the world.

I am not a good swimmer. I would rather stay on the beach and look towards the sea than swim in it but I have recently tried Surfing and loved it !

I love mountains. Trekking and snowboarding. I have conquered Mt Toubkal, the highest peak of Atlas Mountains – 4167 m above sea level.

I buy more books that I can read. Some girls buy shoes, I buy books.

I am very polite and super sarcastic.

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