Natural Asian Wedding Photographer London UK

Natural Asian Wedding Photographer London UK

I am presenting you guys with some of my favorite photos from a very elegant wedding of Anuja and Aleksander. It was a first day of their official Wedding celebrations. This day one was held around groom’s christian traditions and around his Polish roots. Hence the welcome with bread and salt and the carrying of the bride over the threshold. The Christian day was held in the St Charles Borromeo Church in Kingston upon Hull. It’s splendid interiors reminded me of many beautiful Baroque churches in Poland . The ceremony was conducted by one the friendliest priests I had an opportunity to work with.This emotional part of the day was followed by a lunch in a nearby History Center in Hull . Lunch was of course Polish style with the most Iconic Polish dish – Pierogi- served with many fillings, sweet and savory. Being Polish myself it gave me a massive pleasure to not only witness this wonderful fusion event,where Polish traditions are embraced by Asian and vice versa,  but also to be a Natural Asian Wedding Photographer London UK at it.

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